Peter DeVivi reached out with the desire to redesign and improve the functionality of his website and brand overall. This project was a full overhaul including branding/logo design, business analysis, copy editing, content architecture, UX design, UI design, and (WordPress) development.


The project began with requirements gathering, probing for the specific goals which led to the first task, logo design. I designed the logo using Adobe Illustrator, keeping it text-based as requested.

Next, I did a heuristic analysis reviewing the existing site and confirmed the content/pages the client definitely wanted to bring forward to the new site. From there, I made recommendations for pages and consolidating information. With that, I then identified the personas for the users visiting the site. That supported the next task of laying out the sitemap which helped to visualize the new page structure and served as the blueprint for the copy/content needed.

With the next phase of the project, I worked with the client on content development; he provided some copy which I then edited it and worked on the content architecture along with the wireframes. Once the wireframes and copy were approved, I worked on the UI design.

Another part of this project was providing creative direction in collaboration with my partner of On The Map Media for photography & videography as a goal was to use imagery/videos that were specific to the client. These media files were edited and used for the home page background video, persona images, and product images.

From there, I installed WordPress, setup the database and created a custom theme, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to apply the approved UI design. I added Woocommerce and setup all the products along with their variations (a functionality that did not exist with the previous site) finally enabling them to process online orders. I secured the new desired domain name (changed from winestix.com to stixalternatives.com), set up the web hosting on my virtual private server, applied Google Analytics and deployed the site once approved.